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Unlocking the door to your dream home

is easy when you have the right key!

How do I choose a sales associate /Agent?

Real Estate One has offices throughout Michigan. All of our sales associates are professional REALTORS    who receive ongoing training in current regulations and market conditions.  Contact any of our convenient Real Estate One offices or visit a Real Estate One open house to get to know the sales associate present.

Why should I work with just one sales associate?

Your sales associate is a member of the Multiple Listing Service and is aware of and can arrange showings of all homes listed through this service, regardless of which sales associate or company has the listing.  A Buyer Agent works exclusively for you (not the Seller) and you only, looks out for your best interest, is there from start to finish to make it a great experience and a stress free as possible....this is a great advantage for you when you are ready to write the offer. ***Real Estate One 1st NEVER charges Buyers processing / administrative fees. ***

My offer was what?? 

You will meet with the Lender to finalize your mortgage application.  If you have requested a professional home inspection or inspections for pests, radon, etc. these should be scheduled within a few days.  Well and septic inspections (are done by Sellers in most counties) but they are required if the home does not have city water and sewer systems.  The house will be appraised by a professional for the Lender.  You and the Seller will set a a mutually convenient closing date.

What happens at the closing?

There will be many papers to sign at closing.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Bring a photo I.D., proof of Home Owner's insurance and receipt showing payment of full year's premium.  You will also need certified funds or a cashier's check for closing costs and lender's fees.  Call your lender the day before closing to determine the exact amount needed.  Beware of bank holidays to make sure mortgage funds an be wired and you can get a cashier's checks.  You will also need to contact local utility companies to have utilities transferred into your name, call credit card companies to change address with them and of course be sure to change your address with the U.S. Post Office.  If your contract calls for immediate occupancy, you will receive the keys at closing and can begin enjoying your new home!  Don't forget.....your Buyer's Agent is there to answer any questions and will be with you from start to finish! 

Benefits of Home Ownership

Should I buy a home?  Should I buy of home now? At Real Estate One,

our answer to both questions is "YES"! 

* Mortgage interest is tax deductible

* Real Estate taxes are deductible

* Unlike rent, a portion of every mortgage payment builds equity.

* Rents may increase, mortgage payments usually do not.

* Home ownership can improve your credit rating

* Owning a home helps plant roots in a community

* There is more privacy and usually more space in a home.

* The pride that comes with home ownership along with the freedom to decorate and organize your environment to your taste area

perhaps the biggest benefits of all!

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