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If you are ready to sell your home or thinking about selling, the following items are what to do before putting it on the Market.  Marketing your home is a TEAM EFFORT!  Your agent will help you get the most money for your home, within the shortest period of time without problems.  The following recommendations will help create a great first impression.  This may seem like it is a lot to do, but if you want your home to sell fast and be appealing to home Buyers, they are necessary.


*  In summer, keep lawn well manicured and neatly edged.                                                   

*  In winter, remove snow and ice from sidewalks and driveway.

*  Keep walks and driveway swept.

*  Weed planting area, trim trees and shrubs, and remove dead plants.

*  Keep outdoor steps in good repair.

*  Repair or replace torn screen doors.

*  Apply fresh paint as needed, particularly front door and mail box.   

*  Clean leaves and debris from gutters.

*  Be sure faucets and sprinkler systems are in good, working order.


*  Put on a fresh coat of paint where needed.

*  Remove all unnecessary objects and furniture throughout house.

*  Clean ventilating fans in Kitchen and Bath.

*  Clean or polish Kitchen floors.

*  Keep Kitchen and bathroom counters free of clutter.

*  Repair dripping faucets.

*  Clean oven and sinks.

*  Replace counter tile or grout as needed.

*  Be sure caulking in showers and tubs is in good repair.

*  Keep clean towels in bathroom.

*  Replace loose knobs, warped drawers and sticky windows.

*  Clean fireplace and fill with logs.

*  Remove unnecessary items from garage and be sure floor and shelves are clean.

*  Be sure electrical system and plumbing are in working order.


*  Call our office to set up a time for an Agent to meet with you and go over comparables, pricing, etc. and discuss fees, marketing and paperwork necessary to list your home!



*  Make your house as appealing as possible.

*  Open drapes and curtains, and turn on lights (darkness depresses and makes rooms seem small)

*  Turn off television and noisy sound systems (however, low key, soft music can be pleasant.)

*  Put dogs or cats in crates or yard.

*  Place fresh flowers whenever possible (in Winter, display colors photos of yard in full bloom.)

*  Remove dirty dishes.

* Make beds.

*  Don't volunteer to answer any unasked questions, let the REALTOR showing the house answer all questions (it is preferred Sellers leave home while house is being showed...this puts Buyers at ease.)

*  Your REALTOR will put a Board keybox or Combo box on a door so that it is easier for other Agents to show your home.

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